Late July, ICA Family Focus Ministry had a Family Picnic event at Suan Luang or King’s Park. It is the biggest park in Bangkok and its located behind Paradise Mall along Srinakarin Road.


This is just one of the many picturesque scenes around the park. I’d say it’d take a pro a full day to capture some amazing stills.


It is so huge, knowledge of using maps like this would really come in handy. It’s easy to get lost in there!


There are 3 entrances and this one is the one behind Paradise Park mall along Srinakarin Road.


We had 13 families represented on that day. We had games, shared food and a boat ride at the lake.



Kids were able to run as far as they could and clim on trees, although we were immediately paid a visit by a couple of uniform park staff after this shot, haha.


They are not usually this strict, if not for the current political situation, we would have probably been able to set up our porta grill, too. But setting up our picnic mats were fine and rambunctious activities were tolerated so we were contented.


It was a laid back kind of day and everyone gave a great feedback of the event.


Suan Luang is definitely a must when in Bangkok.