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Is it a festival or a tragedy?

Well, obviously for me, it is the latter. When you find a nasty looking Lad Na that is also vegetarian after a stressful morning of final exams with the Primary classes at the lunch table, you would probably be more enraged than I was.

From September 24 to October 2, food stalls will be hawking vegetarian food along the sois and pak sois all over Thailand. They call it ‘กินเจ’ (gin je) or vegetarian eats. Fortunately for the omnivores like myself, restaurants are not imposing this strictly in their entree or heck, it would be 9 days of forced fasting!

It is all over the place but thank God people still have choices. So if one is not up to going over their budget, its best to cook at home and bring a lunch box. If I was a vegetarian, this post would have probably been a showcase of what Thailand means when they say ‘vegetarian’. I mean think of how meticulous they are with their dishes! Somewhere out there, someone is gushing in their blog about this festiv and I am glad it’s not me!


Project 11

What is PROJECT 11?
Packing, sorting, helping, volunteering, recruiting, carrying, organizing, labelling, more sorting and more packing, then later moving everything up to the 11th floor. This just might be my last photograph of a partially dressed 5th floor foyer as ICA Bangkok finally bid goodbye to the 5th floor, the home of the offices, kitchen, Adventure World and many events of the Family Focus. This floor is also witness to the French Ministry’s vibrant worship time before they moved to Pattanakarn. Not to mention the many souls claimed to the Lord within the Itanian Fellowship. The bustling during Christmas Production rehearsals will keep ringing in this hallways long after we’ve moved up, I reckon. MaxLife’s laughter, youthfulness and moments with God will echo on on Friday nights. How many of our refugee and asylum-seeking families, through the generosity of Helping Hands Ministry, found refuge in this hallways? And the blessed time of Joy Fellowship where friendships and worship blended well together? The trainings and fellowships over food and good conversations will just have to find a new home at the 11th floor.

Have you taken part in the big move yet?
Well, if you are around Bangkok and is willing to flex, bend over, go through our stockroom and help organize stuff and get them ready for moving up, come on over!

Come on Saturdays between 10am until 5pm and Sundays after the 2nd service (1pm) onwards. We’re on weekdays, too.
Please contact Ptr. Jaimee Silva @ 0870756714 or the ICA Bangkok office @ 027180603

We do appreciate your prayers, too, for God’s continued guidance and provision regarding the renovation at the 11th floor, wisdom for our pastors and project planners, strength and good health for each of them. We keep trusting God that He IS bringing us to ‘greater heights’ in this move.

Been hearing about Talad Rodfai moving close to where I live and have always wanted to pay a visit but never got to for nearly a year now. It used to be situated near Chatuchak market and have earned its reputation so I was curious as to how it is faring in the new location.

Talad Rodfai is ‘train market’ in Thai. It is open 7 days a week from 5pm to 1am. It is now seated between Seacon Square and Paradise Mall along Srinakarin road. It is very easy to spot with the huge vintage boat crested on an outpost as landmark along Srinakarin Road.

Right at the entrance, one can not tell that it is a long row of shops fashioned like an old vintage train turned into a night market.

But as you snake through an endless coil of shops, everything is going to make sense with the help of vintage details you can’t help but stare in amazement.

Restaurants and shops were religious at making use of vintage furniture. It is recycling at its best with a twist of vintage.

Old train/bus seats like these make a really fabulous vintage vibe.

Tables from old sewing machines are clever ways of turning junk into fab furniture.

Old rustic type of door panels with classic door jambs are way too fab to ignore.

RICKSHAWS date back to the late 1800 and is still seen in old towns across Thailand.

Old kegs and metal benches are sprawled along the trail and one has to go against the flow of the crowd to stop and enjoy a good seat and relax his aching feet.
Talking about resting aching feet from the long walks, train car gaps slash in between shops, there is always a little vintage furnished nook that shoppers can sit, relax and maybe enjoy a look chin or a styrofoam of somtam before moving on.

Talad Rodfai made sure every nook is something people remember it by with French style furniture or Thai style tables and chairs.

The whole length offers a vast variety of artpieces and this is one of the many that caught my attention.

Shopping? Oh, gosh I forgot to do that! Hahaha! But one can find pretty much anything along the ranks of night market there. Pets are also major and so is dining and bars but I was too caught up otherwise. I will try to post some of that nature next time I visit.

This place is highly recommendable especially for tourists when in Bangkok.

This trip has been a long time coming. Ten years here in Thailand and this was my first.


How to get there. There were 5 of us adults and 2 kids, 10 years and below. We booked a Fortuner-type taxi for the day and paid 1,800 baht, which is the running rate, never more than that. My Thai language skills helped us a lot navigate and stop whenever we wanted to. So pretty much the transpo and the driver was at our disposal for that day.


It was a weekday holiday so the glitz and glamour people usually see on postcards or photos of this place was not present on that day but it proved somehow to our advantage. We didn’t feel rushed or cramped due to the muted number of tourists who were there.


How to get around.It was pretty much a hop on hop off type of ride. The first one we took was the package one. It cost us 800 baht just to snake our way through the whole stretch and back but the whole boat was to ourselves. There are cheaper options but one would have to share it with a stranger or so.


I was so stoked to see the main bridge. It reminded me of Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy when I was there!


This shot above was taken on top of the bridge, just like looking over Venice of Asia.


We got off, had some noodles for lunch and snaked our way through the market and found some really interesting stuff like this banana basketful of mulberries for 20 bucks a pop. After that we took quick short stops at some places of interest like the coconut sugar makers.



Before heading back, we rented another boat to take us further out. It was a very laid back trip, we went wherever at a whim just how one should enjoy the floating market in Damnoen Saduak.


Definitely going back there when time permits.


I’ve first heard of ComicCon events from Sheldon Cooper and his gang in ‘Big Bang Theory’ series. I later learned that it’s like a sacred day for fanatics to convene and showcase what’s the latest cool. When I heard about the Bangkok ComicCon, I took a mental note to make time and visit just out of curiosity.


One of the things I really hoped to see there was ‘Frozen’, the latest cartoon movie that earned the crown for longest LSS among the youngsters and the young at hearts for its award winning soundtrack ‘Let it go’ among others.


‘The Walking Dead’ was also a must-see. I was so amazed to see prosthetics live!

There were several centers of interest but I felt ‘Game of Thrones’ was the highlight. The queue to the throne was never-ending! I came straight from church and boy, were my legs on fire by the time I had my turn to sit on the Philippine- made prop!


There were a lot of critiques about it but the organizers did a fantastic job for its premier! I am already looking forward to next year’s!!