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Is it a festival or a tragedy?

Well, obviously for me, it is the latter. When you find a nasty looking Lad Na that is also vegetarian after a stressful morning of final exams with the Primary classes at the lunch table, you would probably be more enraged than I was.

From September 24 to October 2, food stalls will be hawking vegetarian food along the sois and pak sois all over Thailand. They call it ‘กินเจ’ (gin je) or vegetarian eats. Fortunately for the omnivores like myself, restaurants are not imposing this strictly in their entree or heck, it would be 9 days of forced fasting!

It is all over the place but thank God people still have choices. So if one is not up to going over their budget, its best to cook at home and bring a lunch box. If I was a vegetarian, this post would have probably been a showcase of what Thailand means when they say ‘vegetarian’. I mean think of how meticulous they are with their dishes! Somewhere out there, someone is gushing in their blog about this festiv and I am glad it’s not me!


If you are in Bangkok, don’t look for authentic Thai food. You can walk right out your doorstep blindfolded and bang your face flat on the door of the first authentic Thai food serving four-walled facility and you’ll get the best of the best. But locals like me have tried every single one of them one way or the other throughout time that we unconsciously have made up a mental list of our best eats in our neck of the woods.


If you are in Bangkok, particularly ThongLor and want to experience the best of Thai food with a homey slash classy ambiance at a pocket-friendly price, pave your way to soi 17. The soi opens with a Family Mart followed by a trail of residential gates but don’t be mislead even with the posh Palazzo, this quaint little hideaway is home to the best khao phad talae (mixed seafood fried rice), khao moo ob (braised pork ribs with rice), pla krapong kratiam (friend garlic seabass) and everything else Thai.

This place is swarming with office people on a weekday lunch that if you are a tourist locating this foodie spot for the first time, might chance up to a room full of
reserved seats and a throng of Tory Burch clad girls waiting to be seated. But your wait will be all so worth it, that I foodie promise.


The place itself looks originally like a 2-storey residence with the ground floor turning into a half glass house with glass walls extending from floor to ceiling which gives it a deceiving feeling of being spacious. The outside wooden panelled porch to the side turned into a shady picnic groove thanks to the trees hovering over it like a protective mother her brood. The porch is a little corner of heaven when one just came in from the mouth of the soi’s walk in the scorching heat of the Bangkok noon day’s sun.


Like any other food stall in Thailand, you can be seated and order your piece of heaven in a plate as you fancy it, for as far as your Thai language skills take you. The menu also has English inscription below each of the Thai dishes featured and the servers have sufficient English to say ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘OK’.

Ecclesiastes 2:1 ‘I said to myself, “Come now and I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good.” But find that also proved to be meaningless.’