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Been hearing about Talad Rodfai moving close to where I live and have always wanted to pay a visit but never got to for nearly a year now. It used to be situated near Chatuchak market and have earned its reputation so I was curious as to how it is faring in the new location.

Talad Rodfai is ‘train market’ in Thai. It is open 7 days a week from 5pm to 1am. It is now seated between Seacon Square and Paradise Mall along Srinakarin road. It is very easy to spot with the huge vintage boat crested on an outpost as landmark along Srinakarin Road.

Right at the entrance, one can not tell that it is a long row of shops fashioned like an old vintage train turned into a night market.

But as you snake through an endless coil of shops, everything is going to make sense with the help of vintage details you can’t help but stare in amazement.

Restaurants and shops were religious at making use of vintage furniture. It is recycling at its best with a twist of vintage.

Old train/bus seats like these make a really fabulous vintage vibe.

Tables from old sewing machines are clever ways of turning junk into fab furniture.

Old rustic type of door panels with classic door jambs are way too fab to ignore.

RICKSHAWS date back to the late 1800 and is still seen in old towns across Thailand.

Old kegs and metal benches are sprawled along the trail and one has to go against the flow of the crowd to stop and enjoy a good seat and relax his aching feet.
Talking about resting aching feet from the long walks, train car gaps slash in between shops, there is always a little vintage furnished nook that shoppers can sit, relax and maybe enjoy a look chin or a styrofoam of somtam before moving on.

Talad Rodfai made sure every nook is something people remember it by with French style furniture or Thai style tables and chairs.

The whole length offers a vast variety of artpieces and this is one of the many that caught my attention.

Shopping? Oh, gosh I forgot to do that! Hahaha! But one can find pretty much anything along the ranks of night market there. Pets are also major and so is dining and bars but I was too caught up otherwise. I will try to post some of that nature next time I visit.

This place is highly recommendable especially for tourists when in Bangkok.


If you ask me, I’d say I have a streak of muted autism in me- that bit about obssessive repetition? This particular entry is about one particular menu in one particular restaurant- the grilled pork bento at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant.


I have been ordering this menu for over five years now and I want the sauce put in a little bowl not on top of the pile. I have never dared order any other menu from their entree even the servers, the third batch now as the others in the past have probably been promoted or ended their contract, know to separate the sauce.


The menu itself has actually already evolved- it used to come with aubergines and okra, not mashed potatoes and fresh salad!


This is always the case at every restaurant I frequent- Ossobuco at Sole Mio, Pasta al Mare at Pomodoro even at home when I cook, I would cook the same dish 6-10 times over for a year or something. I sometimes notice my roommates don’t eat my dishes anymore and I would lose interest in cooking for a while.

Others looked at it as obssessive, I call it comfort dining. I. Just. Couldn’t. Have. Enough. Of. It! Its something predictable, its a safe way not to ruin my dining experience. Although, I can be very adventurous at times. I guess, we all have a bit of something out of the ordinary. Which makes us each a special and unique individual.