This trip has been a long time coming. Ten years here in Thailand and this was my first.


How to get there. There were 5 of us adults and 2 kids, 10 years and below. We booked a Fortuner-type taxi for the day and paid 1,800 baht, which is the running rate, never more than that. My Thai language skills helped us a lot navigate and stop whenever we wanted to. So pretty much the transpo and the driver was at our disposal for that day.


It was a weekday holiday so the glitz and glamour people usually see on postcards or photos of this place was not present on that day but it proved somehow to our advantage. We didn’t feel rushed or cramped due to the muted number of tourists who were there.


How to get around.It was pretty much a hop on hop off type of ride. The first one we took was the package one. It cost us 800 baht just to snake our way through the whole stretch and back but the whole boat was to ourselves. There are cheaper options but one would have to share it with a stranger or so.


I was so stoked to see the main bridge. It reminded me of Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy when I was there!


This shot above was taken on top of the bridge, just like looking over Venice of Asia.


We got off, had some noodles for lunch and snaked our way through the market and found some really interesting stuff like this banana basketful of mulberries for 20 bucks a pop. After that we took quick short stops at some places of interest like the coconut sugar makers.



Before heading back, we rented another boat to take us further out. It was a very laid back trip, we went wherever at a whim just how one should enjoy the floating market in Damnoen Saduak.


Definitely going back there when time permits.