I’ve first heard of ComicCon events from Sheldon Cooper and his gang in ‘Big Bang Theory’ series. I later learned that it’s like a sacred day for fanatics to convene and showcase what’s the latest cool. When I heard about the Bangkok ComicCon, I took a mental note to make time and visit just out of curiosity.


One of the things I really hoped to see there was ‘Frozen’, the latest cartoon movie that earned the crown for longest LSS among the youngsters and the young at hearts for its award winning soundtrack ‘Let it go’ among others.


‘The Walking Dead’ was also a must-see. I was so amazed to see prosthetics live!

There were several centers of interest but I felt ‘Game of Thrones’ was the highlight. The queue to the throne was never-ending! I came straight from church and boy, were my legs on fire by the time I had my turn to sit on the Philippine- made prop!


There were a lot of critiques about it but the organizers did a fantastic job for its premier! I am already looking forward to next year’s!!