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I bought this six months ago and when I booked my trip to Kuala Lumpur for the 17th of October, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go. I knew then that I had to give this away.
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Been hearing about Talad Rodfai moving close to where I live and have always wanted to pay a visit but never got to for nearly a year now. It used to be situated near Chatuchak market and have earned its reputation so I was curious as to how it is faring in the new location.

Talad Rodfai is ‘train market’ in Thai. It is open 7 days a week from 5pm to 1am. It is now seated between Seacon Square and Paradise Mall along Srinakarin road. It is very easy to spot with the huge vintage boat crested on an outpost as landmark along Srinakarin Road.

Right at the entrance, one can not tell that it is a long row of shops fashioned like an old vintage train turned into a night market.

But as you snake through an endless coil of shops, everything is going to make sense with the help of vintage details you can’t help but stare in amazement.

Restaurants and shops were religious at making use of vintage furniture. It is recycling at its best with a twist of vintage.

Old train/bus seats like these make a really fabulous vintage vibe.

Tables from old sewing machines are clever ways of turning junk into fab furniture.

Old rustic type of door panels with classic door jambs are way too fab to ignore.

RICKSHAWS date back to the late 1800 and is still seen in old towns across Thailand.

Old kegs and metal benches are sprawled along the trail and one has to go against the flow of the crowd to stop and enjoy a good seat and relax his aching feet.
Talking about resting aching feet from the long walks, train car gaps slash in between shops, there is always a little vintage furnished nook that shoppers can sit, relax and maybe enjoy a look chin or a styrofoam of somtam before moving on.

Talad Rodfai made sure every nook is something people remember it by with French style furniture or Thai style tables and chairs.

The whole length offers a vast variety of artpieces and this is one of the many that caught my attention.

Shopping? Oh, gosh I forgot to do that! Hahaha! But one can find pretty much anything along the ranks of night market there. Pets are also major and so is dining and bars but I was too caught up otherwise. I will try to post some of that nature next time I visit.

This place is highly recommendable especially for tourists when in Bangkok.

These two are globetrotters’ best find when it comes to booking a hotel. If you have to choose which is the best? Here’s my take…


1. They’ve got THE best options for SAME DAY BOOKING. Budget travellers like me could really use HQ for their niche. Last minute bookings can be a such a pocket hole but HQ is apparently on cue on this.


2. The FREEBIES! They have so far since opened regular promos and perks that for nomad travellers like me, if well time managed, can be handy. Oh, those warm crispy vouchers and those fresh freebies! Love, love, love ’em!


Well, this one has yet to impress me. I used their service 5 months ago on my last visit to Manila and I ended up paying for my one night stay TWICE!! Long story and it deserves a spot here. I have all the soft copy of all the necessary evidences to set up my case against them.

1. Bad experience. Like mentioned above, no amount of words can prove it to me otherwise that Agoda system is faulty.

2. Boring a.k.a. The absence of freebies and goodies. Who does not like freebies? Maybe the are confident about their market enough that they don’t feel the need to sweet talk their clients, oh well.


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Let’s get it rollin’!

Sketches while feet are dragged into work, they get water coloured in hastened return home.


A simple wish to the tired soul, to splatter in the rain, to splish splash in the puddle.


To watch the aching tired sun, as it drowns itself from view. To cross my legs and fidget while I hum, to forget about what’s next and what is left behind.


To break all the rules and shout in silence. To invade the pool like only royals would do and never think about what’s up for tomorrow.

To travel, to go, to escape and to evolve.

This trip has been a long time coming. Ten years here in Thailand and this was my first.


How to get there. There were 5 of us adults and 2 kids, 10 years and below. We booked a Fortuner-type taxi for the day and paid 1,800 baht, which is the running rate, never more than that. My Thai language skills helped us a lot navigate and stop whenever we wanted to. So pretty much the transpo and the driver was at our disposal for that day.


It was a weekday holiday so the glitz and glamour people usually see on postcards or photos of this place was not present on that day but it proved somehow to our advantage. We didn’t feel rushed or cramped due to the muted number of tourists who were there.


How to get around.It was pretty much a hop on hop off type of ride. The first one we took was the package one. It cost us 800 baht just to snake our way through the whole stretch and back but the whole boat was to ourselves. There are cheaper options but one would have to share it with a stranger or so.


I was so stoked to see the main bridge. It reminded me of Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy when I was there!


This shot above was taken on top of the bridge, just like looking over Venice of Asia.


We got off, had some noodles for lunch and snaked our way through the market and found some really interesting stuff like this banana basketful of mulberries for 20 bucks a pop. After that we took quick short stops at some places of interest like the coconut sugar makers.



Before heading back, we rented another boat to take us further out. It was a very laid back trip, we went wherever at a whim just how one should enjoy the floating market in Damnoen Saduak.


Definitely going back there when time permits.