Here are a few good reasons why a buffet buff will love this Korean-with-a-twist-of- Japanese barbeque ‘all you can eat’ restaurant:

THE BEEF -For only 530 baht per head, one gets their hands on the best beef parts for grilling! Some of the other yakinikus here in Thailand I’ve gone before have the stringy-est and chewy-est beef ever but sitting in a table full of endless meat, one has no time to address it. So it was quite refreshing to get to meet the softest and juiciest beef stuff in town that by the end of it I was wondering ‘Ah, beef…where have you been all this time?’

THE LAMB– I have only had lamb twice in my entire lifetime until last night. The first one was a stew cooked and served in Sweden, so it was obviously good. The second one was a badly half-cooked lamb dish in Malaysia. So when I saw Kingkong had lamb on the menu, I was pretty apprehensive. Would it be as frangrant as that poorly cooked dish that felt like a bottle of perfume was part of the condiments in the aftertaste? I still went to try it, and boy was I in for huge surprise! I am now a big fan of Kingkong despite the pricey-ness because of their lamb!

THE PORK LIVER– While all the other pork parts like the bacon, pork slabs and ribs were notable, this one was something to remember by. They were served frozen so when put on the grill, it created music to the ultimate foodie’s ears- the sizzling that resulted to a heaven in a bite (and more!). Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside!

THE CHICKEN MEDALLIONS– These, too, came in frozen on a plate so there was plenty of sizzling action to be had. Now, I am not a big chicken lover but it wouldn’t be fair not to feature this one after everyone had gone gaga over it.

THE SOUPS– 9 of us shared a long table with two grills for our farewell/ thank you dinner courtesy of Mitrphol Group on our Business English Class closing and they all were gushing about the Kingkong soup. Apparently, it was ‘to die for’ but I had my eyes set on something else- the Clam Clear Soup. Think classic miso soup with a handful of clams. Yum! But finding a lonesome clam at the bottom of my bowl was disappointing. Not very representative of the pictures on the menu tablet.

THE THAI MILK TEA– I am eternally biased when it comes to Cha Nom Yen. I personally think it is Thailand’s best gift to humanity. But for my first drink, I asked for a glass of soda. Then there was buzz among us that the Cha Nom was heavenly. I never bothered to finish my soda before asking for a glass of Cha Nom. Man, it was party on the palate for me! Now this stuff is as common in Thailand as 7/11 shops in Bangkok. I get it for breakfast every morning at 20 per 15oz but Kingkong’s exceptional I couldn’t help but think aloud if they were retailing this as a stand alone. Sad to hear they weren’t 😦

I probably had more Cha Nom in my stomach more than meat last night but I went home fully bloated!

Evrything else, of course flowed like a river. The word was ‘unlimited’. Unlimited rice, mushrooms, meat, veggies and what have you. Depending on preference we all had a go at the unlimited option.

Of course, every single one of us came like a pro that night- hungry, famished, starving. Some of us even skipped lunch to prep for Kingkong, hahaha!

THE DESSERTS – Although there was nothing magical about their sweets, it sure was a very interesting set of choices to me. I didn’t anymore space for it but the apple ice cream looked promising, the jelly and whipped cream was a sure hit to my company and the shaved ice with red beans was something to remember, this one I had a straw-poke taste test.

THE STAFF– one of my biggest issues in going (or not) to a buffet is getting enough crew attention. Kingkong definitely edged all the other buffet chains in Thailand, perhaps anywhere else in the world. Their attention to customer needs and wants was superbly impressive, at least this branch in Ploenchit. Never did used empty plate last on the table for longer than a minute. Everything was on hand less than a minute at our bidding.

So the big question is: WOULD I GO BACK? Definitely! A resounding one would be my answer. Whether alone or with company, this one will definitely be on my list of guilty pleasures.