When was the last time you held a ball in your hands and owned your first strike?

It’s my second week getting involved in the ICA Volleyball Girls Team and I have never felt more driven in sports like I have in forever. Our rehearsals to make sure the team develop teamwork were held well way out of my way after work during a weekday but I push for it. I struggle with working out on my own, and I figured this would be a great way to do so and enjoy fellowship and camaraderie while at it.
The ladies began raising funds for the jerseys, registration and ball and today we just got our uniforms. Thanks to the donors, we donned our jerseys at the training today. Although the match was postponed to next Saturday, we worked our butts off at training with our coach Michael Alano from 6am to 10:30 today at the pink park in Ekkamai.

To be honest, I don’t care if I didn’t get to play at the match. The training to do perfect service, digs and spikes is already an incentive. Not to mention the working out made more fun by playing with friends.