Are you living in Thailand? Have you heard about the #20bahtfrenzy ?

If you do, you already probably know that this is the time of the year in Thailand where fruits of all sorts can be bought for 20baht per kilo! This is anywhere between June to September, and if I’m lucky enough, it extends until October.

Something about the country’s landscape makes it easier for farmers and crops to make a major haul out, fortunately for fruit-lovers like me. Rivers and canals are sprawled across this vast swampland for a country.

Expats who are living in Thailand at this time of the year would post random pictures of fruits for 20 baht a kilo, sometimes cheaper and would get a long thread of comments from friends outside the country gushing in unbelief!

For only 2 Malaysian Ringgit, or 25 pesos, or 4 Swedish Kronor, fruits like mangosteen and ripe mangoes are hard to find even in tropical countries like mine for this price, more so for Europe.

Now at its tail end, the #20bahtfrenzy will be looked forward to next year. You can still get fruits all year-round but prices vary and are not as pocket-friendly as they should be.

Oh, and spices like these jalapenos can be bought for 20baht a bunch at the wet market next door, along with a bunch of garlic, onions and tomatoes, and many other thingamajigs. Maybe my next #20bahtfrenzy post will be about that. What is yours?