I recently bought a 5-kilo bag of soil for 20baht at the garden shop nearby and now that I have found that it is easier than digging from the backyard, I plan to buy a bag every month. Why?

1. Plants need nutrient replenishing. Potted plants are very prone to soil erosion. Imagine the heat they have to endure being outside and contained in compact space, then getting drenched when it rains or during the regular watering? Some of the soil particles get washed away down the drainage. Periodic replenish of soil to your pots will make happy and refreshed plants.

2. It’s time to try other crops. By now, I pretty much know what kind of crops thrive in my own urban farm. Depending on the space, the heat exposure and the general weather conditions, not everything I put in a pot grows. But everyday is a new day to try out other crops and see if you can grow them. Having a stash of good soil will always come in handy.

That little papaya came from a whole ripe papaya I bought fresh from the market. I dried the seeds for a week and sprinkled them in a few pots. I got a happy surprise after a few days. These bittergourd bloom is my second attempt to grow these fragile crawlers. My first batch died in the heat and probably not enough space. This time they got more space and more shade. I shall see how they fare.

3. Relocating is the next big thing! I saw that my aloe veras are thriving really well given the conditions. It is now bursting out of its pot and has many little shoots to compete with. After my first pluck-out proved successful, I am now confident to pluck a few more and replant them to independence. So I did. Glad to have some soil at bay.

The same goes for my mint, they are very low maintenance and perfect for re-growing. Just snip off a couple twigs and bury the bottom end in a pot of soil. They grow very quickly.

Small pots like these are no problem for them plus these are perfect for indoor settings on special occassions or table tops where guests can pluck out the freshest mint leaves and pop them in their mouths!

These morning glories are remnants of my soup two weeks ago. I popped them in my pot designated for compost pit then I covered them with fresh soil. Instead of rotting, they grew. I am not sure if I would eat them though, haha!