‘Every sip is a success story.’

No. This is not their tag line. Might as well be, but no. This is what my roommate quipped after comparing it to starbucks, which is right across the lobby from D&L at the Sathorn Square building in Chong Nonsi. A brief back story to this is when I made a public announcement to cease patronizing starbucks because they are supporting a cause I do not want to support.

Krungsri Credit Card sent me a ‘buy one, get one’ voucher along with all the other promos they send me monthly with the bill so I decided to use that today as a taste test. D&L has a rep to be pricey in this neck of the woods and I am not one to spend a fortune on something just to be adventurous.

THE SANDWICH. 190baht sounds ridiculous for a staple. Wait until you’ve taken a bite.

The. Cheese. IS. Di.Vine. Period.
To the ranks of comfort food! I’m on a tighter belt recently and this is the perfect splurge I can afford from time to time.
THE DRINKS. At 160baht, a large iced coffee does sound very hi-so. But compared to SB, D&L is more generous with their caramel on their caramel macchiato. Luuuuuurve that they are!*insert heart* and the latte wasn’t that bad either. There were no fireworks going off and none of us defied gravity but it was a great escape from the ghosts of SB aftertaste.

20140903-155859.jpg Plus SB now sounds too mainstream! If I want that kind of mainstream, I’ll get it for 20baht at the pak soi, LOL. Whereas DEAN & DELUCA…say it with me: DEAN & DELUCA. Doesn’t it pop? Haha.

20140903-160357.jpg THE GOODIES. This is the mission next visit. Get something for branding. I have too many SB tumblers and pouches. They need to be replaced soon.

WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR? Their New York cheesecake! I am not a big cheesecake girl except for Japanese Miki OjiSan No Mise but I got a bite for tastetest and it left me wanting more.

I definitely enjoyed their quiet nook and comfy seats plus unlimited WIFI. It’s definitely not a trip to the moon and back so, until next time.