For some people, growing something is effortless. These are the people we call ‘Green Thumb’. Anything they put on a pot and get their hands on flourish, bloom and grow. But I personally think anyone CAN grow something.

URBAN FARMING has been my hobby for years now. It began when my life revolved around living in the cityscrapers. Condos and flats offer small to no spaces for plants to grow. Ventilation is always a challenge and if there ever was ample supply, the heat is unbearable.

Over the years, Ive move around different buildings and complexes and I have had to let go of some very beautiful plants for varied reasons but here I made a list of my favorites. They are because they grow easy, have very minimal maintenance and they are not hard to access.

OKRAS are my top favorites. I got some seeds from a friend and i just sprinkled them over a damp pot. After 2 days I got about 5 sprouts! I had to pluck the skinnier ones and left to grow the fattest, that way all the nutrients packed in that little pot can be all his, no competition. Then I stuck a skewer next to it so it doesn’t bend over when the pressure of water pouring down on it was too much. I saw it grow a couple of inches every day with just that! In a matter of 3 weeks, it surpassed my 5-meter height and gave me a few legit okras! I found out that the fruit it bears has a one week interval each that if you miss it, they are already too old to cook. I did three times and I found another magical thing happen- when I cut the old okra fruit and left it out to dry for a couple days, the seeds are perfect and ready for replanting! How awesome is that? Right now, Ive got a bagful of okra seeds, a couple of okras drying outside and a 7-foot okra tower threatening to bloom me three more flowers!

In Thailand, these citrus plant is considered a lucky charm that bring in the vibe of money so people rarely ever consider it as a spice. For Filipinos, however, this is a delectable cooking gem. They make a whole bunch of delicious food with it.

These are easy to find in Thailand and easy to nurture. It can take all the heat available as long as its watered regularly.

BASIL is a staple in Thailand. They garnish this on pretty much every dish imaginable so the accessibility is not an issue. Growing it is very simple. Just use the inedible stalk that’s leftover from the eatble ones and stick them in a pot. Very low maintenance and has a very pretty of reacting to the harsh heat- by blooming!

RADISH , carrots and pineapple crowns are amazing things! While you add their skins into your DIY compost pit, you can reuse the crowns by sticking them in a pot! Give it a week and you’ll see the leaves growing again. I have just put in one and look forward to seeing it grow every morning before going to work. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

THIS ONE represents pretty much everything I put in the compost pit- from seeds, skins, crowns and what have you. I have no idea which one this is but it sprout out from my compost pit. Will find out soon enough. One tough guy!