This month alone, two cool whatzits made it to me. I have had to google them to avoid the hazards that come with ignorance. The first one is…


1. Know your stuff.Wearing this all day can wear someone out. It’s like your body is on work out mode but your whole being is doing something else. At the end of the day, if you are not mindful how to use them, it could be bad for you.

2. Alternate.Arm weights can be double purposed for leg weights and I alternate them when I have them on with me at work.

3. Take it slow. Do alternate days instead of going on a strict 24/7 routine. Give your body and muscles some time to get used to it before you do. Once you feel like you can level up, up the weights. If you started with the 1.6 kgs, follow up with the 2.3kgs and so on.

Now, this one is a gift straight from the US. I was told biomagnetics is a new discovery that is not officially linked with medicine YET but does a lot of magic according to word-of-mouth and some others call therapy. I have yet to learn more about this but I am positive and hopeful.

1. Migraine buster. This mask contains 8 1/2″ high-output Neodymium magnets with an adjustable velcro to fit every head size. It’s apparently tested to diminish migraine attacks, which I have been having frequently lately. It’s hand-washable and is not to be used by people with pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pump implants or the pregos.

It’s 12,000- 12,300 gauss per magnet promises powerful relief and deep penetration. I have started putting them on at night and I’ll be monitoring how much migraine attacks I’ll be having. Hopefully, none.

To put it simply– our body cells are full of electrodes and these magnets are gonna do its work to even hings up. Read this:

I am positive about what these whatzits have in store for me. But I have to read more, research more and be more intelligible about these things.