These past few months, I’ve been feeling suffocated and stuck mentally and emotionally. I can’t wait for God to take me somewhere else. Ten years in Thailand, or anywhere, is a very long time. Way too long.

My soul has been crying for an escape and doing this simple water colour is just a vague representation of what I long for.

I love my job, my ministry, my friendships and my life here in Thailand. But many a time when I get home to my lonesome, when I have the whole flat to myself, I feel like I am being choked tighter and tighter each day.

I can’t wait for an open door, a plane ticket to somewhere, to be rid of alarm clocks and calendars. I can’t wait for freedom, the freedom to breathe, the freedom from freedom. I’d give anything for something like that to happen.

Release the nomad in me, Lord. Let me go.