August 12 is the Queen of Thailand’s birthday, which is the main reason for the occassion. This year, the date fell on a Tuesday and the Junta, the current ruling body, has decided to declare the day before it (Monday) an official holiday to give way for the working class to go visit their mothers in the provinces. Silent jubilation covered the country the moment this particularly happy news broke out. It meant a 4-day long weekend, which seems to be one of the many things an expat like me look forward to every month. Long weekends in this country is not hard to come by because of the many Buddhist lents peppered in the Thai calendar.

Sure enough, beach resorts, popular getaway destinations and long distance transpo are all fully booked. Before I knew this,I had already made up my mind that I am taking this one at home. Visitor or no visitor, I will be weathering this one out in the comfort and convenience of my flat.

While most people are out in the beaches or off to a country side, I chose to stay home and spend less. I need to do that since I have Malaysia trip in the October calendar. But staying home does not have to mean sulking in a corner and daydreaming i was somewhere else when I am surrounded by good friends.


SUNDAY kicked off with an ICAKiDs kid birthday celebration cum house blessing at Ramkhamhaeng.


I had so much fun with the after party adult games and the karaoke! Chatting with old friends and new makes one shed a few years off you age purse, I guess.


MONDAY was a free style backyard picnic. We had the portagrill set up but the guard just had to ruin it and told us to stop. We move the party upstairs to a neighbour friend and there I met more new friends.


We had a good chat and laughter like there’s no tomorrow. Food, of course, always has its place in between during parties like this.


Kids also had fun among the adults and the pool gave us a free swim. The office where entrance tickets are sold was close for the holiday but the pool wasn’t.

TUESDAY is looking promising with a visit to a friend’s house and a tag along. More food coming my way and more fellowship to enjoy. Then I will come home and enjoy the solace of my flat with a room’s view of my newly moved urbanfarm. I have a few sprouts peeping, some of which I have no idea what they are.