Last month, the ICAKiDs Team took a day trip to HuaHin for our Team Building. We booked 3 vans and left Bangkok at 6:30 am.


We had no idea where to go exactly but I gave intructions to the drivers to take us to the quietest spot in the coast where we didn’t have to pay for entrance or book a resort. Thankfully, they knew just the spot.


It was gloomy all day but we were able to enjoy the drizzle and got contented with whatever was available natural lighting for our pictures.


The Team was able to do games and group mechanics while we were all edgy about being too loud.


The adults enjoyed the games while the kids savoured their freedom of being left alone for a day, wandering along the beach, tinkering with anything they find.


Setting up a picnic spot was easy. There were stalls offering parasols, tables and beach chair rentals for very cheap prices. It was the perfect family spot!


Other tourists trickled in by midday and we suddenly gained an audience for all our antics and screaming but it was all good fun.


What’s special about the whole thing was the jawdropping background while we were all making a fool of ourselves over the silly games. It was a great time for fellowship and loosening up. We all made new friends and a load of jumpshots, hahaha!


We packed up and left at 3pm, hearts full and relaxed. We all had to get home early because we had no excuse to skip church the next morning.


HuaHin is definitely a repeater. One of these days…