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I just made it to the list of travel bloggers on the directory of the Best Blogs of Thailand.

The application process was swift and easy:
1. Open the Thailand Bloggers landing page.
2. Suggest your blog. Click here to fill up the form.
3. You will then receive responses via Twitter and email and find your blog on the list in a matter of minutes, in my case.
Easy peasy!


Been hearing about Talad Rodfai moving close to where I live and have always wanted to pay a visit but never got to for nearly a year now. It used to be situated near Chatuchak market and have earned its reputation so I was curious as to how it is faring in the new location.

Talad Rodfai is ‘train market’ in Thai. It is open 7 days a week from 5pm to 1am. It is now seated between Seacon Square and Paradise Mall along Srinakarin road. It is very easy to spot with the huge vintage boat crested on an outpost as landmark along Srinakarin Road.

Right at the entrance, one can not tell that it is a long row of shops fashioned like an old vintage train turned into a night market.

But as you snake through an endless coil of shops, everything is going to make sense with the help of vintage details you can’t help but stare in amazement.

Restaurants and shops were religious at making use of vintage furniture. It is recycling at its best with a twist of vintage.

Old train/bus seats like these make a really fabulous vintage vibe.

Tables from old sewing machines are clever ways of turning junk into fab furniture.

Old rustic type of door panels with classic door jambs are way too fab to ignore.

RICKSHAWS date back to the late 1800 and is still seen in old towns across Thailand.

Old kegs and metal benches are sprawled along the trail and one has to go against the flow of the crowd to stop and enjoy a good seat and relax his aching feet.
Talking about resting aching feet from the long walks, train car gaps slash in between shops, there is always a little vintage furnished nook that shoppers can sit, relax and maybe enjoy a look chin or a styrofoam of somtam before moving on.

Talad Rodfai made sure every nook is something people remember it by with French style furniture or Thai style tables and chairs.

The whole length offers a vast variety of artpieces and this is one of the many that caught my attention.

Shopping? Oh, gosh I forgot to do that! Hahaha! But one can find pretty much anything along the ranks of night market there. Pets are also major and so is dining and bars but I was too caught up otherwise. I will try to post some of that nature next time I visit.

This place is highly recommendable especially for tourists when in Bangkok.

I have been sick as a horse these past week and decided on rekindling my knitting skills. Years ago, my swedish sister brought us a bunch of knitting sticks from Sweden and taught us the basics like casting on, purl stitching and sock stitching. I forgot all about it but Youtube has everything to refresh one’s memory.

I went to get some yarns at Daiso for 60bucks a ball. Soon, I was well on my way to my very first knitting project. It took me awhile to keep track on the counting but I enjoyed doing and re-doing it.

I wasn’t sure what’s the count for casting on for an adult-size beannie so I started with 40. No sooner did I find out it wasn’t wide enough and ended off with an infant hat.

When I got to the point where I needed to put the edges together, I couldn’t find any tutorials on it on Youtube. I had to figure it out on my own. Boy, was it fun!

Then I clipped one of my flower pins to give a finished look.

Next project up is a stuffed teddy bear I g ot that is meant for crochet. I don’t crochet so this is going to be challenging.

For some people, growing something is effortless. These are the people we call ‘Green Thumb’. Anything they put on a pot and get their hands on flourish, bloom and grow. But I personally think anyone CAN grow something.

URBAN FARMING has been my hobby for years now. It began when my life revolved around living in the cityscrapers. Condos and flats offer small to no spaces for plants to grow. Ventilation is always a challenge and if there ever was ample supply, the heat is unbearable.

Over the years, Ive move around different buildings and complexes and I have had to let go of some very beautiful plants for varied reasons but here I made a list of my favorites. They are because they grow easy, have very minimal maintenance and they are not hard to access.

OKRAS are my top favorites. I got some seeds from a friend and i just sprinkled them over a damp pot. After 2 days I got about 5 sprouts! I had to pluck the skinnier ones and left to grow the fattest, that way all the nutrients packed in that little pot can be all his, no competition. Then I stuck a skewer next to it so it doesn’t bend over when the pressure of water pouring down on it was too much. I saw it grow a couple of inches every day with just that! In a matter of 3 weeks, it surpassed my 5-meter height and gave me a few legit okras! I found out that the fruit it bears has a one week interval each that if you miss it, they are already too old to cook. I did three times and I found another magical thing happen- when I cut the old okra fruit and left it out to dry for a couple days, the seeds are perfect and ready for replanting! How awesome is that? Right now, Ive got a bagful of okra seeds, a couple of okras drying outside and a 7-foot okra tower threatening to bloom me three more flowers!

In Thailand, these citrus plant is considered a lucky charm that bring in the vibe of money so people rarely ever consider it as a spice. For Filipinos, however, this is a delectable cooking gem. They make a whole bunch of delicious food with it.

These are easy to find in Thailand and easy to nurture. It can take all the heat available as long as its watered regularly.

BASIL is a staple in Thailand. They garnish this on pretty much every dish imaginable so the accessibility is not an issue. Growing it is very simple. Just use the inedible stalk that’s leftover from the eatble ones and stick them in a pot. Very low maintenance and has a very pretty of reacting to the harsh heat- by blooming!

RADISH , carrots and pineapple crowns are amazing things! While you add their skins into your DIY compost pit, you can reuse the crowns by sticking them in a pot! Give it a week and you’ll see the leaves growing again. I have just put in one and look forward to seeing it grow every morning before going to work. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

THIS ONE represents pretty much everything I put in the compost pit- from seeds, skins, crowns and what have you. I have no idea which one this is but it sprout out from my compost pit. Will find out soon enough. One tough guy!


This month alone, two cool whatzits made it to me. I have had to google them to avoid the hazards that come with ignorance. The first one is…


1. Know your stuff.Wearing this all day can wear someone out. It’s like your body is on work out mode but your whole being is doing something else. At the end of the day, if you are not mindful how to use them, it could be bad for you.

2. Alternate.Arm weights can be double purposed for leg weights and I alternate them when I have them on with me at work.

3. Take it slow. Do alternate days instead of going on a strict 24/7 routine. Give your body and muscles some time to get used to it before you do. Once you feel like you can level up, up the weights. If you started with the 1.6 kgs, follow up with the 2.3kgs and so on.

Now, this one is a gift straight from the US. I was told biomagnetics is a new discovery that is not officially linked with medicine YET but does a lot of magic according to word-of-mouth and some others call therapy. I have yet to learn more about this but I am positive and hopeful.

1. Migraine buster. This mask contains 8 1/2″ high-output Neodymium magnets with an adjustable velcro to fit every head size. It’s apparently tested to diminish migraine attacks, which I have been having frequently lately. It’s hand-washable and is not to be used by people with pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pump implants or the pregos.

It’s 12,000- 12,300 gauss per magnet promises powerful relief and deep penetration. I have started putting them on at night and I’ll be monitoring how much migraine attacks I’ll be having. Hopefully, none.

To put it simply– our body cells are full of electrodes and these magnets are gonna do its work to even hings up. Read this:

I am positive about what these whatzits have in store for me. But I have to read more, research more and be more intelligible about these things.