I have always been a green person. I support Earth Hour, No Plastic Bags shopping, recycling and in my own little way, I have started my own little urban garden and an experimental compost pit.


1. START FROM YOUR GARBAGE- I just figured that instead of throwing the decomposing garbage to rot in the bins, why can’t I let it rot in one of my pots? I know worms and maggots enrich the soil, so there we go!


2. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE LIDS COVERED- Decomposing materials are going to attract all sorts of bugs so make sure you keep containers with lids like ice cream cans stationed at the sink so whenever you are washing the dishes, you can just shoot the leftovers and peels right into it and cover it up.


3. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN OUTDOOR SPACE- When the can is full, I take them out to my little garden in the verandah. I make sure the doors are shut right behind me so the bugs stay outside. I have little pots and soil waiting to cover my pile.


4. YOU NEED SOIL- I got my soil from the back of my building under a tree. I always keep a potful at bay so once the sink can is full, its ready for dumping and I cover it right away with soil.


1. TAKE YOUR OWN SWEET TIME- Like the title says, this is a no-fuss system. You can do dumping twice a week, once a week or even twice a month, OR once a year. If you get down days and feel like just crawling into bed after a busy week, its perfectly fine. Just make sure that everytime you make a dump, you have the enough amount of soil to cover it up and rot on its own.


2. DUMP IT IN! Don’t wait until the sink can is rotting before you make a dump. Do it the same day so your indoors don’t smell of rot.


3. COVER IT GENEROUSLY- take control of the rotting process, make sure its all happening under the soil not above because flies and all kinds of other bugs will migrate into your verandah and will be curious about what’s indoors if you don’t.


4. KEEP IT MOIST- Water your pile regularly, like how you would your plant pots. I do mine every other day.

5. LEAVE IT BE- Disturbing your pile every once in a while will not only disrupt the rotting process but also reveal all the secrets to the flies. It will attract other bugs and emit the most vicious smell you’ve ever encountered, so leave it be for at least a couple of months. Then you are ready to plant something in it.

1. Pork rib bones
2. Anything plastic
3. Anything made of metal
4. Corn cobs
5. Large fish bones
6. Any large steak bones

I hope you get to try this and share your tips to me, too. Have fun!