Are you a giver?

Do you find satisfaction in giving? Like if someone praise your bag, are you the kind who would say ‘ You can have it if you like!’?


I am a little bit like that, not all the time, but when the Lord prompts me, I can be. There are many forms of giving but today God spoke to me about giving just when you are at the point of desperate need. I am kind of at that point right now, but today I hugged an old mother from Pakistan. They are here as asylum seekers. They fled their homeland for fear of their lives. They dropped everything they had and started a life here. She barely speaks English and today she came to church with a broken leg. She slipped yesterday but managed to get here, despite the political situation here in Bangkok.

Don’t expect anything in return! Don’t give because the Bible said ‘…it will come back to you. Good measured, pressed down, shaken together and running over!’ Give and find the pleasure in doing so. You think ‘But I am also in deep need!’

Guess what? YOU are the perfect person to be giving right now!

What good is it to you if you are a billionnaire and you can donate to a lot of charities and help a lot of people? So many of them are out there already doing those things? Are they any better than you?

Imagine what joy the mothers get when the very spoonful they are about to put in their mouths they give it to their child? Imagine the joy.

I am also strapped in cash but man, did it feel good when I gave her that bill that was in my pocket for only a few minutes. That bill didn’t stay with me long enough but I prayed to God that he would stretch it for her and her family, that it would reach leaps and bounds for them. I knew this woman or her family couldn’t do anything for me in return but I know the Lord will. And even if He didn’t the joy of giving was and is more than a reward!