This sudden drop of temperature is very well received especially by Asians who have been to snow countries like me. This week, Bangkok started of with 21 degrees and gradually droping it down to the lowest which is 17 so far.


Reports of the Northern parts of Thailand going as low as 10 degrees sounds exhilarating. People started donning on their jackets and coats, and those who love their fashion like the designer came short of fabric is now coming a little extra covered.


Some of my students even came to school funny- I can take the winter coats but mittens?? Haha


I thank the Lord for giving people like me who can’t stand the heat. Asians like, we keep on dreaming…we celebrate every drop of rain if it means it’ll cool down the night. But drop in the temperature? Its the perfect Christmas gift this season albeit the implications of climate change to the world we live in looking at the bigger picture.