All photo credits to: Bangkok Street Show

It will be in Lumpini Park starting tomorrow December 7-8 from 3pm to 9pm. If you are a tourist, take the BTS and get off at Sala Daeng station. Entrance is FREE for all!!

If you come with the whole fam, bring a picnic basket and a mat. It’ll be quality time with your loved ones. If you are just hanging out with friends, bring the camera, find the bike kiosk and take as many selfies as you can! The park itself is beauty to be admired.


The event will be park-wide and shows cater to children of all ages from 3-80 years old 🙂
The last time we went to this event was like 3 years ago, and we had a blast! Popsicles, cotton candy, and barbeque galore!

We pushed and shoved to get to the front of one of the shows and went home with cracked voices after laughing and yelling so hard! We cheered most at one of the magicians who came from our very own country Philippines and lost our wits at a Japanese entertainer.


Valuable tip from someone who has been: Dress to sit ANYWHERE! Haha

There was so much fun to be had, so despite my packed weekend, I am hoping to be able to come and lose my wits once again!

See you there!

Job 8:21 ‘He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouts of joy.’