‘The odds are NEVER in your favour!’ This was written across the inside lining of the District 11 train station, something that I don’t remember reading in my eBook that made me want to read all three installments again!


My critique
The plot- The director did little in presenting the whole story. He told it like it is, in the book. Which every moviegoer who has read it and read it like drinking every drop of it like it was sweet honey, will appreciate. I hope this is the same case for ‘Catching Fire’.

The cast- Every movie that has a sequel always gets bonus points when they keep the same actors especially for lead roles. The best addition to the powerhouse cast is the actor who played Plutarch Heavensby, Philip Seymour-Hoffman. His cold demeanour before the revolution was defiance like words scribbled across his face but to those who haven’t seen the 3rd installment would spell hostility.


The acting- Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, did not have a hard time because her face is the epitome of sweet innocence but an explosive defiance at command. But I think her cries during the beating of Gale, when Peeta bumped into the force field and when Cina was beaten in front of her was a little muted. It needed a little dose of extra rage.

..to be continued…