What are the things you can do on a Mocy?


Mocys or motorcycle taxis are the way to go living in Bangkok, especially on a rainy night. No, actually, I take that back…Mocys are THE way to go in Bangkok! Haha with the unbelievably thick traffic congestion in this city, the number of vehicles stomps the number of choices for transportation. This city has tuktuks, taxis, cars, buses, train, sky trains, subways, boat taxis and mocys for daily transpo but the traffic is STILL horrendous! For those who live by the digits like me, mocys are the way to go! I practically live on it, so here are a few things I can do on a mocy that some of you might have already done, but some of you consider it a stunt!

1. Sit on my side or legs apart style.
2. Take a ride wearing high heels or 4-inch wedge and a skirt.
3. Have breakfast of sandwich and juice.
4. Blow dry my hair.
5. Send a text message multiple times.
6. Update my Facebook status.
7. Take a phonecall and finish it.
8. Take a callback.
9. Take a photo and Instagram it.
10. Order a McDonald’s delivery.
11. Take a five minute video of moving vehicles against traffic.
12. Take a selfie through the sidemirror.

Others can probably do more outrageous things on a Mocy and this is definitely getting updates from time to time!

What’s on your list?