If you ask me, I’d say I have a streak of muted autism in me- that bit about obssessive repetition? This particular entry is about one particular menu in one particular restaurant- the grilled pork bento at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant.


I have been ordering this menu for over five years now and I want the sauce put in a little bowl not on top of the pile. I have never dared order any other menu from their entree even the servers, the third batch now as the others in the past have probably been promoted or ended their contract, know to separate the sauce.


The menu itself has actually already evolved- it used to come with aubergines and okra, not mashed potatoes and fresh salad!


This is always the case at every restaurant I frequent- Ossobuco at Sole Mio, Pasta al Mare at Pomodoro even at home when I cook, I would cook the same dish 6-10 times over for a year or something. I sometimes notice my roommates don’t eat my dishes anymore and I would lose interest in cooking for a while.

Others looked at it as obssessive, I call it comfort dining. I. Just. Couldn’t. Have. Enough. Of. It! Its something predictable, its a safe way not to ruin my dining experience. Although, I can be very adventurous at times. I guess, we all have a bit of something out of the ordinary. Which makes us each a special and unique individual.