Last night, my sister messaged me on Facebook excited about my nephew Micah getting featured on Gandang Ganda Vice, November 24, 2013 episode 25. She was very proud telling me that the facts presented were based on my blog entry.


Flattered, I went to search all outlets and finally bumped into a full episode of GGV only to be slapped in the face when I saw that the credits were given to Rappler not!!


I wonder if Maria Resa is aware that they are being given credit for something that is not theirs? I wonder if Vice Ganda is aware that HE or his producers are giving credit to those who did not own it?

I also happen to be Vice Ganda’s follower on Twitter so I tweeted him or his fan page right away asking to make the correction. Awaiting a reply soon.


I posted the link of my blog entry on Facebook, my sister did and my friend, and I assume it spread like wild fire but there is no excuse why they would put Rappler as source not the website itself? I wouldn’t have minded if they just grabbed it off my page but the fact that they named Rappler as the source is crossing the line.

I know Rappler has quite an integrity and I am just a beginner blogger, but hey! all the more reason why they should uphold the standard to copyright laws and ettiquette on themselves!