I just had my watch done. Its a 2004 Athens Olympics commemorative Swatch watch and one of its hinges was lose.


So I went to a watch service center at The Mall Ramkhamhaeng and was ready with 500baht for fees. When the repair guy handed me the watch, I asked ‘Tao rai kha?’ The guy just brushed me off and said, ‘Oh, mai pen rai kha!’ I was delighted and surprised. Then I remembered it was the second time I had this watch repaired for nothing.


I am beginning to think, this watch has something in it that says ‘Repair Fees Waived Forever’ or something because the other guy who had his watch readjusted was asked to pay 100 baht. Mine even took longer than his did!

This is life in Thailand. Too many happy surprises. No wonder I have lived here for 10 years now and I am still gushing about this country and its people. God bless, Thailand!