I have started blogging early of last year. I was inspired by how HuffingtonPost started off as a blog of a nobody, but now she is ‘ THE’ Arianna Huffington. I had no idea that blogging in the Philippines have turned many into entrepreneurs and or executives either. I only initially wanted my own space to rant instead of posting on my Facebook status update.

Progress on my web-hosted blog was painfully slow since I am not as techy or web expert compared to many. But this one? I am proud to say, THIS IS MY BABY.


Then someone got me hooked with Pinoy Bloggers on Facebook. I love how the group is very co-existent. The moderators made sure there are rules. The best things I love about it is the post exchange. They would assign a topic, set the parameters and whoever joins in on the thread has to commit to visit other’s site and leave a comment in exchange for a full return. I managed to earn my first two followers and 16 likers from Pinoy Bloggers. Along the way, the group page taught me a lot of stuff about blogging. How my site has evolved is credits to Pinoy Bloggers! I was also lured into buying my own domain!


Soon after buying my own domain, my efforts doubled. I have seen bloggers in the group page that are as young as 17 years old and they’ve already got sponsors and paid ads! How can I turn my blog into a money-making machine?

I researched and found out how crucial your stats and Page Ranking can be. Bottomline, I need to get more followers and build my community wider.

Then I stumbled upon ‘Blog Lovin’‘. Well, not really. I blog-stalked one of friends from way back and was this Blog Lovin’ icon on her landing page. Long story short, I got my Blog Lovin’ subscription, its icon on one of my widgets and voila! My visitors and followers began flooding in! I jumped from 2 followers in October to 17 in mid-November!

During the registration process, one is obligated to follow 5 different blogs before you get in. Well, I guess now I’m reaping the fruits of that commitment I made. If I have to follow another set of five blogs in exchange for another 15 follows, heck I would be happy to!