Funny how those who are relying their judgements only on whatever is on their Facebook feed are the source of the most stinging comments passing judgements to public figures they can poke at!

These people are asking where is the Philippine President?


They seriously believe the he is doing nothing!

Could these people be the same people who called him childish after reports came out couple days ago saying PNoy walked out at an emergency meeting in Tacloban with the local government units?

FYI he walked out utterly frustrated with his subordinates’ ineffeciency! Did these people want the President to micromanage?

Believe it or not, I am not a big fan of PNoy either. Oh, the numerous ‘slightly’ biased and sarcastic news I wrote about him during the early stage of his election.

But I have faith in this administration. He is the only one who pulled the country’s economic standing this far up since Marcos. I believe he can do many things and I believe aside from his being a chain-smoker and a media whore on his personal life, he’s got clean hands.

I encourage you, before you pass judgement on PNoy, put yourself in his shoes, have faith in him first. Show me first that no matter how you dislike him, you at one time or another showed him support because he needs it ow more than ever. He needs the cheering on now more than ever. He needs a pat on the back that is equivalent to the audible ‘You’ve got a crappy team, with the worst of all misfortunes, left-right-front-back-up-down-and-side-to-side enemies, BUT YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE I’VE GOT YOUR BACK!’ He is our leader whether you voted for him or not. And the only way up if we support our leader.


SUPPORT WHOEVER IS LEADING, that is the only way up.

REFUSE TO SUCCUMB TO CRAB MENTALITY, we’ve lived in that motto all our lives and its getting us nowhere.

PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY, that is the only hope Filipinos truly need.


Romans 13:1 ‘Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.’