Last Sunday after the service, my roommate and I took a taxi after church to Pratunam where the only known online Filipino restaurant is located. We went up the footbridge in front of Panthip to go across where the soi is located and I saw this on the ceiling!


I was overjoyed!!!

One might think I’m OA, its only Christmas trimmings afterall. But having lived in Thailand for 19 years now, its not OA.

You see, ten years ago I came to Bangkok mid-year, April to be exact. That September I was already wondering why they were not decorating Christmas Trees in malls yet like we do in the Philippines. Then October came, nothing. Then November and my heart was beginningto get that sinking feeling that Christmas is not happening to me that year. December came, nothing…

It wasn’t until the second week of December when Christmas lights begin to flicker in malls facade. If I didn’t belong to a Filipino community back then, I would have probably had my very first bout on depression.

Over a dozen of us spent New Year’s together over at a friend’s single bedroom apartment and made as much noise as we can to make up for everything else that we were missing on what’s really happening back home.


I cried while holding my ‘lusis’ up when we all made our own countdown.


Then everything began to sink in. I live in a Buddhist country who couldn’t care less what Christmas is about. Year after year, I made conscious effort of taking a mental note how this country is evolving.

OA I am not, am I?

Someday. Someday, the inevitable will come, that these people would come to know e Lord, the power of His resurrection and the true meaning of Christmas. They will weep thinking of loved they are by the Savior who was born only to be crucified! Someday…

Isaiah 9:6 ‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government will be upon His shoulders.’