The Philippines is once again being whipped, pounded to the core and shredded to pieces by a monstrous typhoon called Yolanda. Its a lose-lose battle no matter how much heads-up we’ve been given, how much preemptive preparations we’ve made or how resilient the Filipino heart is. All we could to is brace for impact, wait it out and dust ourselves in the aftermath.

Pinoys, if you look through history is created by our Maker to define the meaning of what it is to be a survivor- we have been colonized by tyrants too many times those who have endured past several eras have lost count.

God created us with a resilient chip deep in our innermost beings that turns on when adversity strikes. That no matter what kind of situation you shove us in, we blend, we adjust, we flex and we survive.

We thrive in the toughest of situations, that our creative juices come out bestest at the eleventh hour.


Photo credits CONVOY OF HOPE

This year, we got the ‘privilege’ of taking the blow of the biggest cyclone ever recorded on earth, with a Stage 5 tag on it. I tried avoiding the news of the devastation because I know it’ll break my heart. Pinoys are the most sensitive race I know, too. We hurt every single time we are struck to destruction. But we are never jaded. We can still be gullible at times and over trusting at times.

The only peek I took of the latest news, I did so that I could be updated, was of bodies lying everywhere. Tears escaped my eyes. That’s all I can do for you, right now, Tacloban, I said to myself.

But I pray. Like I always have. I prayed that God would intervene, Embrace the families of those who lost a loved one, rescue those who are stuck and restore. Its a lot of things to ask but that’s all I can give for now.