I am not scared of bugs, I just don’t want them near my food.

Second to Starbucks, Au Bon Pain is my top favourite coffee shop slash hang out slash virtual office slash everything else in between.


Whether in Bangkok or in one of our weekend getaways in Pattaya, Au Bon Pain is definitely a comfort zone for us.


Aside from their coffee,Au Bon Pain brags about their healthy sandwiches that are calorie-count monitored to keep their patrons happy and fit. A couple of my frequent orders are their mouthwatering roastbeef sandwhich, the unparalleled chowder soup and their thirst-quenching lemon iced-tea I could never get enough of.


They also have a way of making their patrons feel appreciated, I gotta say.

Until the other day. I was as usual working online when this little critter crept up my roast-beef sandwhich!


I was flabbergasted! I wasn’t done with it yet! I wanted to pull a stunt my college friend did way before- she left a couple of bites of Wendy’s hamburger on her table in front of me and went to the loo. The buss girl came, picked up her tray along with her leftover burger and threw it in the bin without asking. When she got back, she complained about what happened and the crew gave her a new set of burger. But she never admitted that it was mostly gone except for a couple of bites!


I decided to let it go and ordered a cup of iced- lemon tea. I hope one day, one of the cleaners find out about the growing host of buggers they harbour under their very tables and get a Baygon spray and be done with it. Haha!

Luke 10:19 ‘I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions , and to overcome all the powers of the enemy; nothing will harm you.’