Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Ileen’s house. I promised her months ago that one day I come by her house and assemble the IKEA cupboard we gifted her for her baby shower. That day came to pass yesterday.

Armed with my own hammer and screwdriver, I started on the carpentry soon after lunch. She cooked a sumptuous meal of milk fish soup, pork stew and macaroni salad! Yum!


The cupboard came with a manual in it so all I did was follow it step by step by step. Its been with them for nearly a year because Ileen’s husband Richard is not the hammer-pounding type but he is a great prayer-warrior, I gathered.

I started at 12 past and I finished at four, waking little Samuel occassionally. Ileen eldest Adeola was completely psyched out that Teacher Galilee was at his home building him a super new cupboard haha! He was also completely thrilled when I let him pound on the last nail and screw the last one in.


The cupboard looked polished and put together when Ileen took a photo of it with me so I can post it on Facebook and tag everyone who pitched in on it. It felt good.


Later that evening, I felt the pains on my right palm and I had a ripping sensation on my wrist. Good thing I have a tube of Counterpain stocked somewhere and my freaked out roommate did a makeshift splint ‘just like how Rachel Zoe had hers’. I was in pain all night soon after the effects of the Counterpain expired but I had indescribable joy in my heart.


That was servanthood.

2 Timothy 2:15 ‘Do your best to present yourself unto God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of truth. ‘