Were you ever star-spangled glittery starstruck in your life? When?

Well, I did a couple of weekends ago, yes, this is a late post, shoot me! Haha. A couple of weekends ago, I did not only rub elbows with two celebrities- I got a special visit from one of them and ran an errand for the other!


Karen Klongtruadroke, a half-Italian, half-Thai movie actress in Thailand dropped me a visit at ICA two Sundays ago! Well, she really is a very dear friend of my sister’s but she is based in ChiangMai and since coming to know the Lord, has laid low from the local scene and later on worked for Christian Broadcasting Network- Siam, which Filipinos back home associate with 700 Club Asia.


She and her recording artist sister Debbie came by that Sunday with Debbie’s son Logan to talk to me about the invitation she extended to ICA KiDs to participate in the 4/14 Window Global Summit.

How did I behave? Oh, you guessed right- I blabbered and flustered and I don’t know what I did! Haha but I managed to get someone to take a photo of us. LOL

On the very same weekend, my sister, the same sister associated with Karen, sent me a message telling me to find Kata!


Katherine Inocencio Valdes, also known to the Filipino people who has watched ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol as ‘Kata Inocencio’ was attending the very same global summit Karen invited us to. She was a top TV news anchor handling Bantay-Bata segment. Later on she moved to Channel 23 and then worked for CBN Asia or 700 Club much later on.


Back in High School, I was very into Journalism. I was a big fan of Korina Sanchez, Ted Failon, Mel Tiangco, Noli De Castro and Kata Inocencio- the main news anchors of TV Patrol during those times. At school, we would do reporting newscasting style! I would alternate being Korina and Kata in my assigned segments!

My passion for journalism would trail on until I got into being the Literary Editor in Baesa High School. On my freshman year at Bible school, I tried out for Bethelite and got a post as one of the contributors. Even now that I work as a teacher by profession, I also am a freelance editor for Yengo.com- that passion never left me, so imagine my delight when my sister told me to get a couple of Swedish jams from IKEA and hand them to Kata!


Oh, when I met her, she did not make me fluster. We were joking like we’ve known each other since childhood! She asked me to get her some Thai brand inhalers and Counterpain, and on the way up to her suite, I got confused with directions, and oh we had a short banter! Needless to say, it was the sweetest and shortest banter I have ever had with someone and made me eternally smitten by her!

The one pulling force that made my path cross theirs is our common faith in the Lordship of Jesus and the passion to serve Him.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.