You object ‘But volunteers are doing it for free!’ Exactly.


No one can afford a volunteer.


CEO? Nope. You can quote as many zeros as you can for a CEO but never for a Volunteer.


These people come from different backgrounds, classes and ages and but no amount of money is required for them to give out their best shot in everything they do. They do not have to be asked and are not bound by timetables to scale their productivity. They come to work equipped with everything in their being ready to be spent all the way through.


They thrive by their own ideals and principles or love and commitment to an infinite being. They are success-driven and fueled by good relationships along the way.

Claps and ‘thank you’s will do but their greatest reward is a nod from heaven peppered on their tired feet and dirty hands.

Volunteers are always hungry for evaluation, they have no qualms about it because they know their labour was out of love. They welcome it but leaders tremble when they dare.


In a world driven by greed and discontent, they are a healing balm because they serve in exchange for nothing- a slap on the face by their contemporaries who are constantly counting the zeroes on their salary. They are the least recognized in the list of credits but that’s what make them the highest paying worker in the world. No one ever feels worthy to give them credit enough because the world knows only God can reward them.

ICA Bangkok is rich. We work with several of them.