Have you even been angry? Let me paraphrase, has anyone angered you to the core? How did you deal with it? Did you tell someone? Did you gossip about it? What do you think of Christians who express their anger openly?

I was angered on the night of October 26, 2013. I knew I had to let it out, but I couldn’t pray. Below is what I wrote in my anger.

In your anger, do not… SLEEP?

I am so royally pissed, I couldn’t sleep. I tried lulling myself to sleep like I usually do when playing ‘PlantsVSZombies’ on my iPad. But I can’t. I am just plain angry.


The torch bearing Zombies made me even angrier so I stopped.
I have been angry for the longest time, I feel it gnawing on my flesh and bones.
In your anger do not sin, but its piling up. I can’t pray either.

In your anger, you can’t sleep? Blog it.

Well, the Bible says its normal to be angry, to feel all kinds of feelings because God is a God of emotions. He created those emotions that sets us apart from all other creations and earned us the title ‘human being’. But in your anger DO NOT SIN, says the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:26.

After the last line, I thanked the Lord for calming me down and keeping me from sinning in my anger. Then I fell asleep. It was 2:38am.

Psalm 4:4
In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Selah