This one was for Joyce.

I bought an Ensogo voucher weeks ago while planning for her birthday getaway. Unfortunately, 2 days after that, she got a job in ChiangMai, 12hours north of Bangkok and had to leave right away. Lem and I decided to go without her and tag her on our Foursquare check-ins and photos just to spite her, haha.

The day before the trip, I took the boat from Thonglor to Pratunam, then Pratunam to Chinatown. From there, took a taxi to Sai Tai Mai (southern bus terminal). All in all, it took me a total of 50 minutes, compared to taxi all the way (which took me 90mins before and paid 300baht ++) or bus all the way (took us 2 hrs and a half!).


I bought two VIP tix which cost me 1,150 baht per pax including the ferry ride.

On my way home, I took the bus to Victory Monument and from there, took the BTS to any point in Bangkok. I was able to get home with enough time to entertain a few friends who spent the night over and got ready for Sunday.


The bus was scheduled to leave at 8:30pm so we left home at 5pm. We took the same way (by boat) and got there after only 30 mins!! We were happy to wait and hung out at the Amazon Cafe to charge our laptop, iPad and phones for free. We bought some drinks to wash in our pancit and pandesal we bought at lunch in Mabuhay Resto.


The bus left at exactly 8:25pm and with the snacks they provided, we proceeded to have our dinner and fell asleep.

We woke up at Donsak Pier at 6:25am, which, we learned later on is an international port and timetables for bus trips going into the island is very nomadic. Something tourists pressed for time won’t find interesting.


It wasn’t until 9:30 when the ferry which will take our bus to the island appeared.

When we got to Koh Samui at Raja Pier, our bus driver introduced us to his sister who owned a pick up. She said she will take us to our hotel for 500 baht for 2pax. She said it was cheaper than us taking a taxi which she alleged will cost us around 900 baht. We took the chance and took the offer.


Sure enough, we got to our hotel after an hour drive around the island since the Raja Pier was situated at the opposite end of the island.


Iyara Beach Resort and Plaza was amazing! The facade was peppered with famous brands international and local and the back was the infinity pool and the beach facing smaller islands one could kayak to in 15 minutes! Across the street was a line up of restaurants and 7/11s and what have you.


It was off season so we practically had the hotel and the beach all to ourselves plus the reception was happy to announce we were free to do a late check out as we fancy!


We bought dinner for take out and drinks from 7/11 and enjoyed HBO on a rainy night. Before we went to bed, Lem checked out bus tickets online for our return the following day.


In the morning, we took the Nathon-Lamai-Chaweng song theaw to get our tickets. The 50-min ride cost us 60baht per pax but it took us to Seatran Pier where we bought our tickets back to Bangkok. This time we got ourselves First class for 600 baht per pax. Much cheaper but 4 -seater per row instead of the 3-seater VIP.


We got the last trip (5pm) and went back to the hotel to go kayaking. I take the blame for panicking mid-sea, that’s why we never got any photos least of all enjoyed it while at it. 😦


We hung out at the pool for a while, enjoyed a smoothie and checked out at 3pm. The Iyara staff were so nice and accomodating, they made my highlight for this trip!


Koh Samui had everything-Starbucks, BigC, Tesco, Major, McDonald’s, BurgerKing and soon Central Mall! On our way to the bus station, we stopped at McDo facing BK to get a take away for dinner. We got there at 4:30 and took a few photos by the pier before boarding.


Tip: If you are taking the cheaper trip, make sure you get the front row for leg room.

At 9pm, we went for a stop for a free dinner, yes! Thai bus companies always have free dinners and a snack! Of course, I found it crappy but for adventurers who are not on Thai food abstinence, it was pretty decent!


The rest of the trip was smooth and uneventful, thank God. We woke up at MoChit (Northern Bus Terminal, yes weird as it sounds), which was closer to home. The taxi ride home was only 30 minutes and 85baht.

Looking back, we didn’t really get to enjoy the relaxing intended for that getaway, but then again, we did, as always, get our hype discovering all the how-tos as a first-timer! Next time we come, for the Koh Tao voucher, we’ll know our way around, which trip to take and whatnot.


Matthew 7:14″For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.