A few weeks ago, a friend suggested this page on Facebook and from then on seemed to have monopolized my time on this site. This is a pool of close to a thousand members mostly Bangkok expats that are on their way in or out of Thailand. DSBKK seems to have pretty much everything from a hilarious post, a sublet, a charity to a valuable tip only a local resident would be able to give more accurately compared to the internet regarding lifestyle and visa concerns. The moderators did a pretty excellent job keeping everything in wraps with the regulations considering they were able to hold a meet-up charity event weeks ago.

Why I love it?

Well, I get to give a few advices, too. And I get to buy a few good deals. Just a few minutes ago, I met up with one of the guys who posted on the page selling his vouchers.


I have been planning on spending this Christmas in Chiangmai soon after one of my roommates Joyce bagged a job in Thailand’s next biggest city, so this would be a super catch. I got it for only 400 baht and its good until Nov 2014 and fully transferable.

A couple of weeks ago, a guy posted on DSBKK that he wanted to give away a bunch of fresh groceries. Some suggested he give them to his building maintenance staff, others said he make money out of it or save it for later but I suggested he give it to Bangkok Refugee Centre or to ICA Bangkok’s ‘Helping Hands Ministry’. This is one of our newest ministries birthed by our heart to help our brothers from war stricken countries who are seeking asylum in Bangkok.

The guy liked my suggestion but never pushed through. But there was another member who liked my suggestion and sent me a private message. She expressed her interest in giving away a few things because she’s leaving Bangkok for good in a couple of weeks. We exchanged for a few days and agreed that I meet her downstairs at her building and pick up her stuff, she even ran to the grocers to add a few things!


I brought my friend Eva, who is an asylum seeker herself from Sri Lanka.

Its amazing how God uses random people to give! DSBKK is definitely a treasure not only for personal gains but for others who are in need.


So if you are planning to visit Bangkok short term or relocating here, or leaving for good and you have a need visit DSBKK and find just what you are looking for.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.