I have a long list of stuff I want to do in this lifetime, just like everybody else. But I am choosing not to publish the official list solely because I have done it before and it felt like there was more pressure in achieving them than the joy of just bumping into them through life unawares.

Facebook and Twitter in my opinion is a gift to mankind, specifically to nomad dreamers like me- being in them gives you a vast opportunity to make big dreams and small ones happen eventually!

The other day, an event popped up on my Facebook wall about a flash mob happening in Siam Center and it was an open invitation to all! My roommate was ecstatic hearing about it so I quickly clicked ‘going’! The thing was, when we stumbled upon the invitation, we barely had 24 hours before the actual event and we haven’t any clue what the moves were! Good thing the organizers did an awesome job creating a video tutorial of the steps, so we religiously learned it overnight.


The event was the United Nation’s World Humanitarian Day- an event dedicated to those who spent their lives and even getting in the line of fire just to help another human being. They had a wall of hashtags ‘The world needs more #________.’ We were told to write anything, in any language, too. I had a ‘Peace and Love’ blue shirt that I recently just bought in Stockholm in my recent trip. Turned out the colour of my shirt was the exact same colour motiff of the event! LOL I had no idea! Even the ‘Peace and Love’ made me look like I came very prepared.

The steps were very easy to follow, I had such a blast! I got to see a few people I know from ICA Bangkok church, too, who also came to participate. I found a link of the flash mob in full:

Flash Mob Thailand – Humanitarian Day 2013

Its small scale compared to the one in Antwerp, one I really dreamed being a part of, but this ticked one off my bucket list!

Antwerp Flash Mob- Epic!

Job 5:12 He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success.