Its probably safe for me to say that I am at that point in my life where I pictured myself to be 15 years ago- financially self-suffecient holding down two jobs and VERY active and productive in the ministry.


Having been exposed in the ministry all my life, I was made immune to the fact of people serving the cause of Christ full time and living mostly by faith. It still amazes me how God opens doors of blessings for those who are and wished I get to experience that, too, more often.

But I think God has other plans for me. After all the years of struggling in the teaching profession, He finally positioned me in a Thai school who just adores everything I do and even seeks my opinion regarding my field of expertise. He also led me to people who introduce me to another online job that has very low demands yet gives great compensation. I just love both of my jobs very much!


Today is the last day of my mentor in the field of ministry I am currently involved in. She is leaving for a year-long furlough to the States and is leaving everything in my hands. Enormous responsibility lies before me but I am confident not because all the pastors have endorsed me and the whole church prayed over me. Nor it is because I possess the kind of qualifications needed for the post but because this is where God wants me to be.


Although, this is where I have always wanted to end up. I never dreamed it would happen one day.

He made everything happen- two good paying jobs with very low demands so I can serve without having to worry about support.


Worrying takes up most of my energy and I know its a sin but I just couldn’t help it! God knows I do and so He brought me to where I am today.

These past few weeks, I have been exposed to the process of preparing for a missionary furlough. Although, I can say its pretty exhilarating, one would never get the best out of me if it were me going through it. Hahah!


‘What if they were not blessed by my ministry? What if even if they were, the support they could give me was just not enough? How do I inspire people to give more for my ministry? How do I make them chose to support me above all the many others?’

These were the questions running through my mind one day while trying to mentally get into her shoes. Deep in my heart, I know better to trust the God who provides. But…

I think I am better off with the sense of entitlement to spend my own income, maybe splurge a little when I have had a bad day, and give someone in need a ‘Pentecostal Handshake’ at the Holy Spirit’s prompting. I probably would never be able to knowing the money was from a needy pocket who just loves to give!