This trip is not my first to Singapore but its special because its the first time I went with two of my other siblings, one based in Kuala Lumpur and the other based in Manila. I thought the bus ticket we bought weeks prior was expensive but a few hours into the trip I understood why- it had in-flight -like services on the road. Aeroline is definitely a thumbs-up if travelling by bus from KL to SG and it costs only 99RM one way.


We only managed to get a backpackers’ hostel despite a month’s early booking but thhe odds were obviously not in our favour with the peak season and all. It was both a first time for my sister Bella and brother Harold


First thing we did was take the cable ride to Sentosa Island. We nearly had the car all to ourselves if not for the lonesome Japanese guy! We took advantage of him and got him to be our photographer for a second. We also of course, returned the favour.


Universal Studios was also a must-go not only for both sister and brother but also for me. Charlie Bear was with us, too and I can’t wait to share the photos to my students.


One of the best things we did was go crazy with shopping! Everything was ‘END-OF-YEAR SALE’!! We also managed to get into Isetann Singapore’s exclusive SALE open only to card holders. Glad my sister had one of Isetann Malaysia. We also went to Singapore EXPO Sale where we all went nuts with shopping and if not for the fact that we still have two countries to go home to, my roommate Lem and I would have already bought a two-door fridge and a LED TV, hahaha!!



That’s my brother Harold, me and then my sister Bella Hunt. The last we spent time together this long was ten something years ago. It was really great to go on a trip with these two. But special thanks to my roommate Lem, for being the master planner of this rare event. Thanks, Lem!