Is the latest buzz in the on-line world about earning per view and per click just another one of those nasty internet scams?Image

Hundreds of sites have sprouted like wild mushrooms on the internet and you see them getting posted on your Facebook wall, a re-tweet or even a comment on your latest photo upload promising an income at home. It promises either 3,5 or 10 dollars start-up money as soon as you sign up and the account owner can actually check it regularly off the ‘bank’ section of the account with a set minimum amount for cash out. You grow the start-up money by disseminating a referral links wherever you can and once people click on it, you can watch your digits change by the second. Upon opening the account, one is required to provide an email address that is linked to a personal account on either Paypal or other on-line payment service engines. Several accounts have posted proof of cash-out complete with screen shots of Paypal activity but the question remains- is this too good to be true or not?