Friday morning and I was trying to decide where to set my worktable today when my roommate suggested I hang out at Silom area close to the Yengo office, where she works and I parttime (online). For a change of ambience from the MegaBangna week, I agreed. Going down the BTS stairs at the Silom station, we were greeted by posters and a throng of early shoppers waiting for Central Silom Complex to open. It’s GRAND OPENING DAY!!! Again, I had no previous knowledge!!


When the front doors opened, shoppers were headed in a swipe to one direction. Curious me followed and found out that the buzz was all about the Fitflop SALE. I pulled away because it wasn’t really something I need at the mo. Looking around, I scoured for Charles & Keith – my eye’s apples currently. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to enjoy the 20% off mallwide because that’s the one thing this grand opening is missing! bleh..
I went around to find some good eats for lunch and found some of my favourites. Off the top is LITTLE HOME- this quaint little foodies’ haven has a branch in Thonglor near my condo and is famous for its buttermilk pancakes for bfast. It’s also known among many Pinoys I know as the only local resto with a menu that includes a handful of Pinoy dishes like ‘sinigang’. This one here in Central Silom is the only other branch I know of LITTLE HOME 🙂
CHACHACHA– I am not a tea lover but when talking about ChaChaCha, its a whole ‘nother story. I love, love, love their Strawberry Yoghurt Tea with grass jelly! They have branches at my favourite hangouts- Thonglor J Avenue and MegaBangna!
PEPPER LUNCH- My favourite DIY Teppan is also here! Gotta love the sizzling plate!!
And MIKI OJISAN NO MISE!! This is by far my most loved Japanese cheesecake I crave for it like a hormonal pregnant woman! hahaha I loved it even before finding out that the owners are churchmates of mine and very good friend- The wonderful Sasakis!
Looking back, I’m glad this cute little branch of Central in Silom did not have Charles & Keith because if they did, I’d be going off my budget for this month. I know I can ‘tighten my own belt’ but it’s still good to know that you have that extra cash, besides, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I waited for the next SALE to buy one.
In my defense, I am not a shopaholic in real life. I think myself very frugal in saving up for my next trip to EU. I just have this auspicious timing of bumping into SALE poster-adorned establishments in this three-week holiday off from my day job.
Plus, today I didn’t get any loot. I spent most of my time recycling news with Racer, tinkering with iPam and iNackoo, and customizing my blog at Starbucks. Haha!
I Peter 4:10
Each of you as a good manager must use the gift that God has given you to serve others.