So it’s Grand Opening Day of PAYLESS Shoe Source in Thailand, I had no idea! Queueing up, I was told I just missed the promotion where the first 100 people gets a coupon for a FREE pair of shoes!!

I asked how to get in and they said ‘pid leaw kha’! *It’s already close!* When I started pulling away, the lady who could speak English chased me with a coupon. I’m in!!


It was a long wait because they were only letting people in 10 at a time. It took me half an hour to finally get inside and look for something I fancy. Here’s my review:

 1. Every single aisle has the exact same content with the other, except for the sizes. What you see in aisle 1 is what you will find in aisle 2,3 and 4 except for the kids section and the men’s.

     2. The shoppers had this hurried buzz in them, I felt I would never be able to buy anything sensible with that silent hum drumming down my brain.

    3. The aisles are pretty crowded (or were there just too many people then?) it made me feel I had no room to try on a pair I liked, prance a little bit to see how it feels and there were no foot mirrors to see how they look on me!

    4. The choices were very limited. Or maybe they put out only the bad ones for the freebies???

    5. Large shoe sizes were available, which I know will make a lot of people I know happy!!

    6. The shoes had different brands, no, not PAYLESS… brands that are, mostly for me, never-heard 😛

    7. Every pair is mass produced!

I have this thing about being around someone who is wearing the exact same thing I have on (except for uniforms!). It makes me cringe! I remember going into church years ago (not ICA Bangkok, thank God!) and finding a church mate having the exact same ensemble I had on!! We both had white pants, the exact same colour and cut golden yellow top with a white tube to cover cleavage, and the same white strappy sandals…I mean, WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!! I wanted to vanish that night and was very awkward while socializing. Hahaha!

At Payless? I didn’t get anything and kept my coupon for next time when people are not that crazy anymore and maybe when I find something…not for me. LOL