Pattaya is the ultimate weekend getaway for me while living in Bangkok. It only takes two hours bus ride, which by the way cost a little over a couple hundred baht to and fro. My roommate Lem and I always makes a quick dash to the beach there and have a bit of R&R. Its fun to run into a few friends at times, too.



We always love going straight to the beachside straight off the bus, then lounge in beach chairs (30baht each) where hawkers will one by one pass by with their goods for sale. Our favourite is the guy that comes with a basket full of steamed crabs, steamed prawns and fresh squids they will grill in front of you at your bidding. Each plate costs normally a hundred baht (8 prawns- 100 baht, 4 crabs- 100baht, 3-4 squids-100 baht depending on the size variations) Not bad at all! Normally, whoever owns the beach chairs also have their little nook where you can order fresh young coconut, the usual khao phad (fried rice) and pretty much anything you can order in Thai!


When we get bored of the beach food, we go right across the street where Central Pattaya Festival Mall. You can find pretty much any shop like Starbucks, McDonald’s or any restaurant we crave for at the moment. Our latest favourite is Carl’s Jr. not only because we love their humungous burgers but their shop also is placed strategically in the building that gave them a stunning view overlooking the beach!


We never miss going to Shenanigan’s whenever we are in Pattaya. They have the best ribs and Irish food in town! Dinners are always finger-lickin’ good whenever we go to Shenanigan’s. How I wish they have one in Bangkok, too!


We had fun taking this before and after shot of a full rack ribs we had between us this last time we went. And although it’s not in the picture, I think it’s worth mentioning that we also had a half-rack set for take away that night! Hahaha!



During the day, there are so many things to do by the beach. Jetskiing is my favourite! It costs 600 baht per half an hour and it gives me that adrenaline rush that could last me for another 6 months or until when I get back. I try to go on everytime I come, too. But sometimes I skip it when I just want to lounge on the beach chairs ๐Ÿ™‚


This shot was with a fellow teacher and friend Ellen who we bumped into in one of our trips there.


Of course, photo ops are important and are never to be missed ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially when you get freaked out seeing a jellyfish of some sort on the beach when its low tide, hahaha!!


But the beach view is really stunning!



We’re not really fond of ‘nightlife’ like everybody else. We are just there to relax and recharge but sometimes we can go adventurous, too.


It cost us 600 baht per half an hour, too and it was so much fun ! Now they have one just 200 meters from ‘Walking Street’.


Smoothies are the best company on a scorching day at the beach. Fresh and cheap with friendly servers and a free WIFI, too!


Transport in Pattaya is cheap, too. You can get a Tuktuk that wil take you to any point for minimum of 60 baht depending on the distance. But they have the song theaw (pick-up truck turned into passenger vehicles) that goes through the main road (Pattaya sai 1 and Pattaya sai 2) for only 10 baht! of course, the motorcycles are never out of the picture, too. But normal Bangkok taxis are kinda hard to find, and when you manage to, they’ll refuse to use the meter. Better settle for the song theaws if I were you.


I love watching sunsets anywhere I go. They remind me of how God has been good to me. It reminds me of childhood when we were living by the beach and not enjoying the view because life then was so tough but how God has seen us through. Its humbling to see the same sunset but different set of perspectives.

Psalm 113:3

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.