Just like what I have previously written, I am a traveller by choice. I love the idea of backpacking (not in a sense that I love ‘white people’ posing as English Teachers in Bangkok stomping the PhD and Educ grad Asians when in truth they came to the country as backpackers and decided to find a job to sustain their plans of staying longer). But I also love staying at hotels, or bed-and-breakfasts (which, I have yet to try).


This was my latest- Venice, Italy. The shot was taken right at the foot of the famous Rialto Bridge.
Anyone who has gone to Venice and not gone to Rialto is a hoax!

I love the idea of finding routes not found on-line when going to places. Like going to Vientienne, Laos and finding out that the tuktuks can be had for 20 thai baht instead of the millions in their currency or 1 USD, which is equivalent to 30 baht.


This is the Arc de Triomphe- Laos version. This was built in honour of the French who has taken the country as one of their colonies. The Original version is found in Paris, France.

I love finding out ways how to get from one place to another like when we flew in to Macau and found our way to the ferry that took us to Hongkong.


This shot was taken on our way back to Bangkok from Hongkong- Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. It was after
Christmas so we wanted to spend ‘winter’ but got frustrated.
I donned a tshirt on our way back.

I love the idea of crossing borders from one country to another without having to endure immigration inquiries. When we crossed the Swedish border into Halden, Norway, my brother-in-law Ola just rolled down the window and gave a wave. That was because my brother Joy and I secured ourselves a Schengen Visa- its a pass that allows you into any point of the Schengen state. The Schengen state consists of more than a dozen European Countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Denmark and many others.


The shot was taken atop Frederiksberg Fortress in Halden, Norway. With me is my sister Bethel Pettersson,
my brother Joy and the photographer was my brother-in-law
Ola Pettersson.

I love taking buses or trains despite the long hours difference as compare to flying because I get to see regional posts and clues you don’t see 40,000 something miles above the ground. I love the pit stops and things we can buy at little shops that you can never find at the duty free shops or at the city. I love being able to navigate a city all on my own without the help of some random stranger.


The iconic Merlion in Singapore. This shot was taken during my nth visit to SG. This is a neighbouring country to Thailand where I am based so its like, if you fancy one weekend in Singapore, you book a bus ticket or train.

Of course I also love getting to cities and their hotspots. What tourist does not like going to tourist spots after all? But I am not fond of key chains and fridge magnets. I would rather give you a wooden butter spreader that’s a trademark product of Sweden than a ceramic ‘I Love Sweden’ mug that’s made in China.


This was in Sigtuna, Sweden. Sigtuna is the ancient city of Sweden before Stockholm became the capital city.

I love being able to know where the bus terminals are and their schedules and last trips. I also love getting different kinds of stamps from different countries on my passport. I also love getting to see friends during my youth that are now scattered all over the globe.


This is the Independence Palace of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The guy in the picture IS Ho Chi Minh-as told to us by a missionary friend, Archie Manoto, a Vietnam-based missionary I knew way back during BBC times.

I love fulfilling my youthful dreams of visiting Paris and climbing the Eiffel Tower after watching the Disney movie  ‘Anastasia’.


This was taken on the ‘second floor’ of the Eiffel Tower. This is the level that we see from a afar that looks like the hip of the tower. My sister and I climbed half of it via elevator and half of it on foot!

I am a complete city girl. I love the lights the buildings emit during dusk and Hongkong has plenty of that. I love meeting locals with interesting stories, like the Pinay maid we met at a local church. She worked at ‘The Peak’ and volunteered to pay for our fares on our way up and even gave us each a slice of buko pie!


This shot was taken atop ‘The Peak’ at dusk. The ride down wasn’t as fun as the ride down, though.

I also love being photographed by distinct icons and infrastructures of different cities. Just the hype of all of it makes me forget the odds I take to save up for each particular trip.

This one was taken in Helsinki, Finland right in front of a Russian Museum. I was eating chocolate to keep warm.

This post will hopefully be the most well-updated of all my blogs. I can’t wait for the next destination my footsteps will take me…